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16 “SECRET” Ingredients For An Amazing Thai Recipe

thai green curry recipe

From a Massaman curry to Pad Thai to the famous Mango sticky rice, Thai food is like the epitome of Asian cuisines. If you asked me, Thai food is like the Gucci, the Prada, the Ivy Park, the Versace, or even the Luis Vuitton of Asian cooking. Lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge are emphasized in Thai cooking. When making a Thai recipe the goal is to find a balance between different flavors: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy which are famously known as the “four flavors” in Thai cooking. If you can find a balance between the “four flavors” then you have mastered Thai cooking.

In this post, I want to share the 16 SECRET ingredients for an amazing Thai recipe to get you cooking like a native from Chiang Mai or Bangkok. So let’s get the Thai party going…

But before we do, why don’t you connect with me on INSTAGRAM and tag me on any of the Thai recipes you try out! I would really LOVE that. Okay, that we are connected I will also throw in the preparation and cooking techniques as a token of my appreciation to make you shine whenever you want to impress that Thai crush you have been eyeing.  Here are the secret ingredients for that perfect Thai curry…

  1. Bamboo Shoots: Bamboo shoots are called for in many Thai recipes. In order to prepare a bamboo shoot for cooking you need to peel them and boil the white inner stalks for 30 minutes in water. If you are using canned bamboo shoots you will only need to boil them for 10 minutes, or if they are going into curries or soups, boiling might not be required.

Preparation and cooking techniques for amazing Thai recipes:

Vegetables: Vegetables used in Thai recipes should be cut as finely as possible. The idea is that the smaller they are chopped, the less time they will need to be cook, therefore retaining as many nutrients as possible.

Stir frying: Most people have cooked a stir fry before, so will be familiar with this method of cooking. Oil should be poured into a wok and vegetables should be added over high heat while being constantly stirred. Vegetables should only be stir-fried for a couple of seconds so they remain crisp and brightly colored.

Mortar and Pestles: Perfect for making sauces, curry pastes, and salads, every Thai cook should own a mortar and pestle preferably made out of clay or wood.

Mincing: Since Thai cooking uses so many intensely flavorful ingredients they should all be chopped very finely so one flavor never overpowers the other. You should always use a very sharp knife for this.

Roasting and grinding spices: When adding spices and herbs to your Thai dish you should always roast them by slowly heating each spice individually in a pan until they begin to crackle and turn brown. When each spice is done roasting it should be ground very finely in a food processor or mortar.

I hope you are now feeling extra confident indulging in Thai cooking and that you found this content informative. If you feel like I might have left an ingredient out of these 16 must-have ingredients for an amazing Thai recipe, feel free to leave a comment.

Also, Let me know what is your favorite Thai dish?

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